Legal Project Management Software
for Law Firms

Rocket Project Management takes your law firm’s throughput to the next level.

rocket project management

Create Phases with Powerful Automation

With Rocket Project Management, you can easily create workflows and transition between different phases of a case. Each phase can contain its own calendar calculations, custom data, and tasks, allowing you to set up entirely automated systems. There is no reason to ever miss a deadline ever again! What’s more, when you change a matter from one phase to another, all of this predefined data automatically appears in Rocket Matter.

Keep Track of Matters

Rocket Project Management comes with sophisticated reporting about the status of each matter. For example, you can easily tell how many matters are in each phase, which matters are on schedule, and which are overdue. By breaking your complex matters down into phases with repeatable tasks, you end up with a more complete picture of your true costs. This knowledge will allow for more accurately-priced alternative fee arrangements and happier clients.

Enjoy a Seamless Workflow Experience

Rocket Project Management helps you take a methodical and automated approach to managing your matters. Rocket Project Management also integrates with Communicator, our internal messaging tool, alerting you on your mobile device when the status of a case has changed. Also, if you’ve defined Matter Templates, these too can be associated with different phases of a project.

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