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Powerful Legal Project Management Software for Law Firms

With Rocket Matter’s legal project management features, your practice will be more efficient than ever before. You’ll also have the tools to stay on budget, create a better experience for your clients, and ensure predictability and consistency within your firm.

Powerful Legal Project Management Software for Law Firms

Legal Project Management Features Take Your Law Firm’s Throughput to the Next Level

Maximize efficiency, productivity, and client satisfaction with streamlined workflows.

Create Phases with Automation

Create Phases with Automation

Create workflows and transition between different phases of a case. Each phase can contain its own calendar calculations, custom data, and tasks, allowing you to set up entirely automated systems. .

Keep Track of Your Matters

By breaking your complex matters down into phases with repeatable tasks, you end up with a more complete picture of your true costs. Our sophisticated reporting shows you how many matters are in each phase, including which matters are on schedule, and which are overdue.

Enjoy a Seamless Workflow Experience

Our legal project management features integrate with Communicator, our internal messaging tool, alerting you on your mobile device when the status of a case has changed. Also, if you’ve defined Matter Templates, these too can be associated with different phases of a project.

Kanban Boards- A MUST for Legal Project Management

Visualize your cases and maximize efficiency with Kanban Boards, one of the most simple but powerful legal project management features.

Visually View all of Your Matters

See the bigger picture of how your cases are progressing. View the total days a matter has been in its current status to pinpoint any areas that are causing bottlenecks.

Customize Your Kanban Boards

The available columns (or “swim lanes”) represent the statuses that have been set by your law firm, and each card represents a matter within a specific status.

Drag and Drop to Change Case Status

Change the status of your cases by simply dragging and dropping matter cards into their appropriate swim lanes.
Visually View all of Your Matters

Frequently Asked Questions

Legal project management is all about applying principles related to project management to the services your law firm provides. This approach aims to improve the productivity of your law firm, which increases client outcomes and satisfaction, thus boosting profitability.

A kanban board is a lean (agile) project management tool that helps businesses visualize their workflows, maximize efficiency, and help identify any bottlenecks in their process. Kanban boards use cards and columns to visually categorize and show the status of each work item at any given time.

Kanban boards help visualize your case workflow, so you can better understand your processes. Rocket Matter’s kanban boards show you exactly how many days your cases have been in each status, so you can quickly identify problematic work stages and make improvements.

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