Get Paid Faster with Payments, Part of Rocket Matter’s Legal Billing Software

Introducing the most intuitive law firm payment processing system on the market! Rocket Matter Payments is a part of the successful law firm billing software, and it’s a fully-integrated payment processing system that helps simplify and automate the difficult process of invoicing your clients and getting paid. It allows you to effortlessly increase your collections while continuing to focus on what you do best: Practicing law.

Here’s how: 

Streamline Your Collections

With a few clicks, Rocket Matter Payments will generate an invoice, send it to your client via email, and include a link to a private payment page. From Rocket Matter, you can confirm whether or not your client has received and opened the email. Your clients can then pay their invoices quickly and securely by credit card or e-check from any device. You can also accept payments over the phone through our secure in-app payment screen.

You can apply payments to either trust or operating accounts, which are then automatically recorded in your ledgers. Invoices and payments also seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks Online.

Automate Recurring Billing and Payment Plans

When you sign up for Rocket Matter Payments, you’ll have enhanced billing and collections functionalities. Payment Plans help you automate collections on past due amounts, while Recurring Billing helps you accommodate Alternative Fee Arrangements that makes getting paid so much easier. When you customize Payment Plans and Recurring Billing, you can add the client’s bank account or credit card information, specify if funds should go into trust or an operating account, and indicate the duration of the cycle. Then, you’re done.

In other words, your client is automatically billed on a monthly basis and the payment goes through without your having to do a thing. (Payment processing is powered by our partner, LexCharge.)

Save Time and Money

Rocket Matter Payments helps your firm save on processing fees and enhances your clients’ overall customer experience. Our intuitive legal billing software provides your firm with Big Law transactional capabilities and makes getting paid a breeze.

Get started with Rocket Matter Payments today!