Get paid faster with Rocket Matter Payments.

Introducing the most intuitive law firm payment processing system on the planet! Rocket Matter Payments is a fully integrated payment processing system that helps simplify and automate the difficult process of invoicing your clients and getting paid.

Rocket Matter Payments allows you to effortlessly increase your collections while continuing to focus on what you do best: practicing law.


Streamline Your Collections

With the click of a mouse, Rocket Matter Payments will generate an invoice, send it to your client via email, and include a link to a private payment page. Your clients can pay their invoices quickly, easily, and securely, by credit card and directly through their bank.

Payments can be applied to either trust or operating accounts and you’ll be able to confirm that your client has received and opened their invoice.

Give Clients the Power of Choice

Gone are the days of printing and sending traditional invoices by mail and hoping your client writes a check. With Rocket Matter Payments, your invoices are delivered instantly and can be paid through your clients’ choice of credit card or e-check.

Payments are automatically recorded in Rocket Matter ledgers and can be seamlessly integrated with QuickBooks Online.

Save Time and Money

With Rocket Matter Payments, your firm will save on processing fees and enhance your overall customer experience. Our intuitive legal billing software provides your firm with BigLaw transactional capabilities and makes getting paid a breeze.

Get started today and maximize your realization rates using Rocket Matter Payments.