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Rocket Matter’s Cloud-based law practice management solution makes life easier for busy legal professionals. From matter & document management to legal billing to reporting & analytics, Rocket Matter gives law firms all the tools needed to run a more efficient, profitable practice.


Lawyers Don’t Need More Work to Do

Practicing law is hard enough without spending half of your day on administrative tasks—and yet that’s exactly what many lawyers find themselves doing.

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Enter Rocket Matter: a legal practice management solution that helps law firms run more profitably, without all the busywork & time-consuming administrative tasks.


Get More Done with Rocket Matter’s Legal Practice Management Tools

Rocket Matter helps your law practice:

  • Increase efficiency with workflow automation
  • Build better client relationships
  • Increase billable hours with streamlined time tracking & invoicing
  • Improve cash flow with easy, compliant online payment tools
  • Stay on top of trust accounting
  • Effortlessly create, manage & share secure documents
  • Boost profitability with business intelligence insights
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Rocket Matter’s Law Practice Management Key Features


Legal Case Management

  • Unlimited Email, PDF, and Word Document Storage
    Store all the documents you want, organized by matter alongside other case information for convenient access.
  • Document Assembly
    Quickly and easily create legal documents and store them within Rocket Matter. You can also add billable time to your documents as you create them.
  • Two-Way Document Sharing
    Send documents to your clients with just a few clicks. You can also securely request documents from your clients that upload directly into your matters.

Powerful workflow and automation to simplify your life and boost revenue.

  • Legal Project Management
    Easily create workflows and transition between different phases of a case. There is no reason to ever miss a deadline ever again!
  • Matter Templates
    Create your own parameters for tasks and events and apply them automatically to whichever cases you select.
  • Automated Billing
    Your prebills & invoices can run on schedule. No need to spend days doing billing! Let Rocket Matter do it for you.

Online invoicing & lightning
fast payments.

  • Streamlined Invoicing
    Send your invoices out online via PDF. Clients can pay immediately with credit cards or eChecks.
  • Alternative Fee Arrangements
    Set up automated recurring billing, payment plans, & evergreen retainers so your clients have more ways to pay.
  • No Hassle Collections
    Our integrated electronic billing makes it easy to collect payments from your clients. Get paid the same day!

Rocket Matter Pay: Rapid, secure and easy-to-use payments solution

  • Full payment integration
    Accept and manage your payments in the same place you manage your invoices. Don’t waste time clicking in multiple systems.
  • Get Paid Faster
    Some payment processors hold your funding for days before it’s released to your account. With Rocket Matter pay, your account gets funded in as little as 12 hours!
  • No-Hassle Payment Plans and Recurring Billing
    Save time and maximize cash flow with automated payment plans and recurring billing. No more manual payment collection or setting up plans in other systems and trying to reconcile.



Swiftly share, request, and collect signatures

  • Easily send and receive files within Rocket Matter
    With our innovative file-sharing and e-signature service, powered by Imagineshare, users can securely request, send, and receive legal documents—without the need for a client portal.
  • Get client signatures faster
    Streamline the process of gathering client signatures with one-click e-signature links directly from within the software. Clients can open and sign important documents from their phone, tablet, or desktop.
  • Provide high-level security for your clients
    Add custom signature templates to any PDF document, then send them to clients along with instructions and a secure link to upload files back into Rocket Matter. Get peace of mind with our robust security through customized security Q+A and expiring access deadlines.

Rocket Matter’s Law Practice Management Key Features


Legal Case Management

  • Better law practice matter management is a breeze with Rocket Matter. Use matter templates & dashboards to stay on top of your cases & client interactions. Keep your matters organized with customizable tags & securely access vital case information from anywhere.

Calendars & Tasks

  • Streamline law firm daily operations & avoid missed deadlines with firm-wide & matter-specific calendars. Easily create, track, update, and assign new tasks to others in only a few clicks … while Rocket Matter automatically prioritizes tasks on your To-Do list. (And everything integrates with Google Calendar.)

Time & Expense Tracking

  • Capture every billable minute with timers that record -- in real-time—even directly from your inbox. Billable time & expense entries can be made from anywhere, even on mobile devices, so you don’t need to wait until you get back to the office before you get back to clients.

Law Firm Billing

  • Get your bills out on time -- in less time. Schedule automatic paperless prebills & process your monthly invoices by batch to save time. Automate invoicing for recurring retainers & payment plans. Optimize LEDES billing & avoid client invoice rejection with intelligent invoice analysis.

Online Payment Processing

  • Boost collections rates & get paid faster with online payments. Rocket Matter Pay allows your law practice to effortlessly process online credit card payments—without the risk of trust account compliance violations.

Legal Trust Accounting

  • Trust accounting errors can put your entire law practice in jeopardy. Rocket Matter’s legal-specific trust accounting capabilities allow your firm to easily manage trust account payments & keep your accounts reconciled—without the fear of trust account compliance violations.

Contact Management

  • Keep your contacts, clients, and relationships organized with Rocket Matter’s powerful client contact management tools. Sort contacts with custom fields and tags, view all a contact’s matter-related information at-a-glance, and run comprehensive conflict checks to avoid professional conduct conflicts of interest. Client updates need only be input once to be effective systemwide.

Document Automation

  • Go paperless with streamlined digital document management. Easily digitize & upload documents, then access them from any device. Your law practice will also save time on document creation with powerful document assembly features, including customizable templates & automatically populated fields that store client information within Rocket Matter. Client communication & follow-up have never been easier.

Reporting & Analytics

  • Rocket Matter helps small law firms make informed, data-driven decisions. Gain actionable insights into your firm’s productivity, revenue, collections, budgeting, and more -- with a wide range of customizable reports. Take advanced law firm management reporting to the next level with Rocket Matter’s Business Intelligence Module.

Stay Connected from Anywhere

  • Our Cloud-based law practice management solution with native mobile apps ensures that your data stays accessible—even when you’re traveling or working on the go.
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"Overall, my experience with Rocket Matter has been very successful in navigating through the website and it is pretty self explanatory which helps when training new employees comes up. The ease in using this software makes working to track time spent on cases flawless."

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"Rocket Matter has been excellent for our firm and it allows us to maintain excellent billing practices while maintaining everything in an organized fashion."
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