Google Brings Message Encryption (Back) to Google Apps Mail

In our past articles about message encryption options for Gmail and Google Apps, we’ve lamented the unavailability of a built-in option for most users. Google mail messages are encrypted internally, so messages sent between Gmail or Google Apps users are secure, but messages sent to non-Google users (e.g., those using Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo Mail) are […]

google docs and sheets add-ons

Improve Productivity with Google Docs and Sheets Add-Ons

Google Apps can help lawyers streamline document drafting and review. While it has many of the features of traditional office productivity suites, there are some features that Google Apps lacks. In a move to extend Google Apps’ features, Google now allows third-party developers to create “Add-ons” for Google Docs and Sheets – much like “extensions” […]

9 Social Media Considerations for Lawyers

We get it. Social media is not something most lawyers think about every day. But social media can make or break almost any type of litigation or matter your clients may have. Family law, employment disputes, criminal matters, and a whole range of intellectual property and business disputes now turn on social media and website […]

Legal Writing Tip: Use Block Quotations Effectively

I don’t know about you, but when I come across a block quotation — in a memo, a brief, or in passing on the street — my eyelids get heavy and my head droops. Wake me up when it’s over. Most readers have the same reaction. So what’s a legal writer to do? You can […]

Lawyers, Encrypted Email, and Gmail – Part 2 of 2: The Tools

See Part 1: Lawyers, Encrypted Email, and Gmail: Encryption, for a discussion on ethics opinions, Gmail and an introduction to third-party options. Encryption refers to the process of encoding a message so that only authorized parties can read it. In relation to electronic information like e-mail, encryption uses a set of keys or passwords to […]

Lawyers, Encrypted Email, and Gmail – Part 1 of 2: Encryption

Discussions about the necessity for lawyers to encrypt their email invariably begin with the ABA Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility’s 1998 Formal Opinion 99-413 which states, “A lawyer may transmit information relating to the representation of a client by unencrypted e-mail sent over the Internet without violating the Model Rules of Professional Conduct […]

Four Ways to Properly Control Your Clients’ Documents

Clients share documents with you in various ways, often via email or cloud document-sharing services. Once you receive the files, however, you gain the most control when you use an enterprise cloud collaboration application. Over the last year or two, clients have become increasingly comfortable with cloud services. They use them to share vacation photos, […]

Lawyers Going Google: How to Use and Supercharge Gmail and Calendar

Millions of corporations, small businesses, solo lawyers, large and small law firms, and federal, state, and local governments have “gone Google.” They have moved from hosting their own e-mail servers (and in some cases calendars and documents) to using Google’s cloud-based productivity tools – Google Apps. This includes large corporations like Konica Minolta and Jaguar […]