Google Places, Local Search, and Your Law Firm

If you haven’t noticed, Google is working to deliver much more localized search results. Which makes sense considering as many as 20% of searches on Google are related to location. So, if your law practice serves clients that use search to find local businesses, like law firms, you may find value in claiming and optimizing […]

Grow Your Law Practice with LinkedIn

When properly leveraged, LinkedIn can be a powerful tool in your business development and personal marketing arsenal. It’s a great place to “find” and “get found” by prospective clients, colleagues, influencers and industry leaders. Once the “finding” has occurred, a fully-optimized LinkedIn profile tells the story of your professional background in a way that is […]

Easy Techniques for Populating Your Kingdom of Content

The inconvenient truth about blogging is that posting fewer than three times a week will consign you to the “hobbyist” category as far as search engines are concerned. And despite what legal blogging mavens might lead you to believe, regardless of how finely crafted and niche-specific your content is, without frequent posts your blog is […]

3 Reasons Why I Transitioned To Flat Fee Billing

Coming from a commercial litigation background, I was well versed in the billable hour. So, when I started my own practice, that was my starting point. It’s what I knew. Over time, my practice transitioned from the traditional hourly billing model to primarily flat fee billing for a few different reasons. Here are three: 1. […]