Leave Your Mark With Outlook Signatures

One Outlook feature I get asked about all the time by attorneys is the ability to attach a signature to a message. Some of them are asking about how to do a basic signature without having to type it (or copy/paste it) each time; others have already figured that out but want to have MULTIPLE […]

A Post Mortem, Even If You Win

I spend a lot of time thinking about how to learn from mistakes, and here are some things I’ve discovered. Lessons from failure make a deep imprint. Losing takes a psychological toll and causes us to seek not to repeat it. So the loss review is a natural outgrowth of this feeling – let’s look […]

Thriving Lawyers: It's Not About More Money

As I looked around this blog considering what to write (cool blog!), I began to think about why we are interested in increasing productivity. Ultimately, I realized, we are interested in being more productive because we think that, by doing so, we can get more of what we want in life. In other words, in […]

App of the Week: TrialPad for the iPad

What if you could win a $37.5 million verdict with just an iPad and a legal app? What if you didn’t have to haul around clunky foam boards, hire expensive trial consultants, or deal with an inconvenient desktop program? In today’s technologically-savvy environment, this is now possible with help from TrialPad for iPad. Don’t believe […]

Holiday Gift Giving: Your Clients Don’t Want Another Magnet

Traditionally, law firms have used the holidays as an opportunity to say thank you to their clients. And nothing shows your utmost gratitude for your clients like a generic holiday card or useless token gift, right? Not so much. If you truly appreciate your clients (and in this saturated legal market – you had better […]

mindfulness lawyers

How Lawyers Can Use Mindfulness to Reduce Stress

“Mindfulness,” or paying attention in the present moment with an open mind, reduces our inclination to dwell on the past, and worry about the future. Mindfulness also increases focus and concentration, and, because it is investigative, it’s a good fit for attorneys. While people sometimes confuse mindfulness and relaxation, the practice of mindfulness increases concentration […]

Google Places, Local Search, and Your Law Firm

If you haven’t noticed, Google is working to deliver much more localized search results. Which makes sense considering as many as 20% of searches on Google are related to location. So, if your law practice serves clients that use search to find local businesses, like law firms, you may find value in claiming and optimizing […]

Grow Your Law Practice with LinkedIn

When properly leveraged, LinkedIn can be a powerful tool in your business development and personal marketing arsenal. It’s a great place to “find” and “get found” by prospective clients, colleagues, influencers and industry leaders. Once the “finding” has occurred, a fully-optimized LinkedIn profile tells the story of your professional background in a way that is […]

Easy Techniques for Populating Your Kingdom of Content

The inconvenient truth about blogging is that posting fewer than three times a week will consign you to the “hobbyist” category as far as search engines are concerned. And despite what legal blogging mavens might lead you to believe, regardless of how finely crafted and niche-specific your content is, without frequent posts your blog is […]