ILTSO Releases Draft Guidelines For Legal Professionals

Yesterday at ABA Techshow 2011 the International Legal Technology Standards Organization (ILTSO) released its “2011 Guidelines For Legal Professionals.” In many instances, lawyers may find – paradoxically – that their caution or resistance to adopting and implementing new technology is actually rendering their practice less reliable and less secure than what is rapidly becoming the “reasonable” standard in the profession.

ABA Report: Perspectives On Finding Personal Legal Services

Recently the ABA released “Perspectives on Finding Personal Legal Services”, the results of an opinion poll concerning, among other things, how people find lawyers. The report has inspired comments from several respected voices in the space. Some of the most controversial conclusions concern the impact – or alleged lack thereof – of social media on an individual’s decision to hire a lawyer.

Office Space Primer For Lawyers, Part II: Leasing Traditional Space

In Part I of this series, we raised some cautionary financial considerations about one office space option: leasing traditional office space on your own. However, assuming that you’ve satisfactorily addressed those considerations, here are 3 key factors to consider when you’re ready to lease space on your own:

3 Great Alternative Billing Methods

While both clients and lawyers continue to lament the limitations and drawbacks of the traditional “billable hour” method of charging for legal services, a few new methods are rapidly gaining popularity.   There’s just no question that we’ll see these intriguing techniques continue to enjoy increased adoption during 2011 and beyond. 1. Bill By The Pound. […]

US News Latest Law School Rankings

US News released its “Best Law School” list for 2012, temporarily replacing Mel Kiper’s 2011 NFL Draft Class rankings as the most popular list in law firms across America.

4 Thoughts On Lawyers and Quora

Though there are a lot of questions with Quora (bad pun intended), it’s something lawyers ought to check out and at least familiarize themselves with, particularly those who have an interest in technology or work with venture capital and entrepreneurial companies.

5 Engagement Vows For A New Client – Part II

Previously we took a look at 5 non-traditional “vows” that a new client can make to her attorney at the start of an engagement – promises that don’t usually appear in a standard engagement letter.   Today, we’ll consider a few non-traditional vows the lawyer can make to her client. Lawyer Vow #1: I promise […]