Developing The Right Keyword Strategy For Your Law Firm Website

When it comes to your website, focusing on the right keywords can mean the difference between success and failure. Keywords are the phrases (search terms) that consumers type into search engines, like Google and Bing, when they’re looking online for your services. If you’re not sure what your overall keyword focus is for your current website, […]

The Importance of Practice Management Software For Solo Firms

Today it’s more important than ever for solos to learn how to leverage technology to get an edge on their competition and deliver superior client service. Surprisingly, according to the ABA Tech Report 2015, only 30% of solo practitioners reported actually using a practice management software currently. That’s unfortunate, because utilizing the right software can help […]

Get More From Your Law Firm Website With Live Chat

In today’s consumer-driven marketplace, law firms must compete feverishly for a limited number of potential clients shopping the web for services. Today’s consumer also has a limited attention span and wants instant gratification in return for their visit. As such, your firm needs to take notice of every visitor that comes to your site and […]

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5 Essentials For Starting a Virtual Law Firm

The decision to go out on your own and start a solo or small practice isn’t an easy one. There are many costs associated with starting a law firm, and running a business takes a special skill set that wasn’t developed in law school. Lawyers face not only debt and expenses, but a very competitive […]

Law Firm Advertising: Remarketing Campaigns

Law Firm Advertising: Remarketing Campaigns

If you’re like many attorneys, you have an attractive website that portrays your firm in a professional manner and outlines all of your areas of expertise. Unfortunately, there’s a good chance your competition has the same and the vast majority of your prospective law firm clients will actually visit 3 to 5 of those sites, […]

Productivity in Your Law Practice: How to Automate Case Workflows with Matter Templates

Attorneys who routinely work on cases based on predetermined deadlines, tasks and events can save time by automating the process. Successfully navigating through each matter often requires a number of repeatable tasks and events with a series of common interdependencies. Manually repeating these processes on a daily basis can stifle productivity and sometimes lead to […]

Using Reporting and Analytics For Better Law Firm Collections

Use Reporting and Analytics For Better Law Firm Collections

Reviewing stacks of financial reports for pertinent information is rarely a pleasurable experience. Knowing exactly what you should be focusing on to start driving your firm’s payments and collections, however, can save you lots of time and effort. And following a precise trail of data closely over time can help you stay on top of […]

Product Update: Matter-Specific Invoices, Client-Centric Billing & More!

Rocket Matter customers collect 20% more revenue than they did before using our powerful time and billing platform. And today, we rolled out tools to help law firms do even better. Rocket Matter, widely considered the best time and billing product for attorneys, is unleashing even more features designed to improve the way firms invoice. Together, […]