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    10 Great Holiday Gifts for Attorneys and Legal Professionals – Part 2 of 2


      This is part two of yesterday’s initial gift suggestion article. To be brutally honest, we split up the post because we’re constrained for time and we needed to stretch our content out a little. 😉

      6) Levenger Pocket Briefcase Wallet – $69

      This is my wallet of choice, because it holds 3 x 5 index cards and a slot for a pen. It’s still small enough to stick in your back pocket and has room for about 6 cards minimum, with additional pockets for cash, business cards, and lord knows what else you stick in your wallet. Since it accommodates 3 x 5 index cards makes it a great GTD® capture device. If you’re wondering what the hell I’m talking about when I say GTD, we discuss it and how it can help your law firm in our e-book, Legal Productivity.

      7) The Slap Chop – $19.95

      There are two great things about made for TV items. First, they work so seemingly well on TV you’re just so damn curious to see if they work that well in real life. Second, there’s something inherently comical about them. Take it from me, who gives out Snuggies® at any opportunity, that your colleagues love it when you give ’em “made for TV”. Plus, with the slap chop, you can always follow up a few weeks later and ask them if they’ve been slapping it lately.

      8 ) CrystalDock – from $199.00

      I found the CrystalDock through The Mac Lawyer’s blog, calling it the “most elegant iPhone dock ever.” That it is. These docks are not cheap, and I certainly can’t imagine going out and buying one for myself. But they certainly take a functional device and make it elegant. It’s the kind of thing you might want to get for your highly valued, classy technophile friend who’s not clumsy.

      9) Michael Kors Chronograph Watch – $225

      Watches are a great gift. You can never have too many of ’em. And if you haven’t seen the Michael Kors watches, which are on fire right now, you’re missing relatively inexpensive but incredible looking watches. Perfect for traveling, the watches are often unisex, with an oversized chronograph look to them. For a special gift this holiday season, a Kors watch will not disappoint.

      10) Year of Wishes Candles – $69.95

      We’re big fans of candles at Rocket Matter. They help set a relaxed mood at the office and the simple act of lighting them helps calm and focus the mind. They’re also, of course, great at home, and very conducive to certain (*ahem*) activities. I would not recommend giving a male colleague a bunch of candles per se, but this set of twelve beautiful candles will probably be a hit with your female colleagues.

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