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    1Password For Teams: Secure Your Work Product and Client Information Firm-Wide


      The legal profession has embraced cloud computing – slowly, but surely – over the past decade. With it comes measures to secure your firm’s and clients’ information. See: 10 Actionable Privacy, Security & Encryption Tips.

      Start by securing accounts with difficult-to-crack, unique passwords. The best way to manage strong, secure passwords, including the ones you use to encrypt sensitive information, is to use a password manager.

      One of the top password managers, 1Password – we’re big fans – just got even better with an enterprise version. 1Password for Teams lets members of a team share secure passwords, notes and other confidential documents and data through the application’s encrypted infrastructure.

      The administrator controls what teammates can see and do, creates and gives (and revokes) access to shared vaults, and sets vault-specific permissions for each team member. Team members can access shared data on their phone, desktop, wrist, and the web.

      No more sharing a password, credit card information, or confidential document via email or text message or on Slack.

      Secure passwords goes to the “reasonable care” standard attorneys must comply with to ensure client confidentiality. Password managers, such as 1Password, help you do this.

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