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    App of the Week: 1Password – Login to Apps and Sites with Your Thumb


      Everyone should be using a password manager. It provides a strong, unique password for each online account and keeps them all in a secure, encrypted, yet quickly accessible place. Our favorite, 1Password, just got even better.
      Here are three of the many new enhancements:

      • Login to Apps – Use 1Password to log into a growing list of your favorite apps and even update your passwords—all with just a tap!
      • Login to sites in Safari browser on your iPhone – You can now fill 1Password Logins directly within Safari.
      • Unlock with your thumb – After unlocking with your Master Password, get back into your vault in 1Password, Safari, and your favorite apps with just your thumb on devices with Touch ID. Check Settings > Security to learn how this works and pick your auto-lock time.

      And, for the first time, 1Password is free for iOS devices.
      I’ve used 1Password for a couple of years on my desktop, phone and iPad, and it’s quickly become indispensable. And, it keeps getting better!
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