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    3 Ways to Promote Your New Blog


      You’ve read about the many virtues of blogging and started a blog of your own. Useful, current content will bring a few eyes, but for traffic numbers you’ll need to promote the blog. Here are three ways to do just that:

      1. Social Media

      Over the past couple of years, I’ve seen Twitter and Facebook rank consistently among the top five traffic sources for blog posts, with Twitter often taking the top spot (Use Google Analytics to track these numbers). Posting to LinkedIn, Google Plus and other platforms can help, but I consider these a secondary tier based on my experience with traffic referral metrics. Some of that may be due to the effort and time spent creating vibrant communities in these spaces.

      If you have limited time and resources, stick with creating and developing a presence on Twitter and Facebook and add other networks as time permits. Although you may use it to help promote your blog, remember the 80/20 rule where only 20 percent of your activity should be promotional. So if you’re putting out ten tweets a day, link to only two blog blog posts on your site. The other 80 percent should be posts about useful stuff that others create, building and nurturing relationships. Those relationships will in turn reward you by evangelizing your blog posts.

      2. Blog networks and directories

      I’ve tested a few blogging networks and they vary in effectiveness for driving blog traffic. One of the more popular is NetworkedBlogs, one of the largest distribution platforms for news on social networks. The network connects your blog posts to the vast Facebook and Twitter communities.

      Legal specific blawg directories and networks include Justia, the ABA Blawg Directory, and the LexBlog Network.

      3. Commenting on other blogs

      Before starting your new blog, you’ve read many blogs and probably have a few favorites, even subscribing via RSS feeds. It’s time to become active in the blogging community. If a post resonates, leave a comment. Most commenting systems provide an opportunity for you link back to your blog. Some, like Comment Luv even link to your current post. This builds community and comments are often reciprocated on your posts.

      During your commenting excursions, you may discover blogs where you can guest post and gain valuable traffic generating links back to your blog.

      Along with great content, these tips can help you drive traffic to your new site and grow your blogging community.

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