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    5 Rocket Matter Productivity Tips


      Evernote and Dropbox are amazing general purpose apps for the discerning cloud computing attorney. Rocket Matter, however, is a lawyer’s online Swiss army knife for running a practice, keeping all of your case information in one place. (it is Legal Productivity’s parent company but that doesn’t make it any less cool).

      Check out these tips, which help even Rocket Matter veterans eek out more productivity:

      1. Create A Button for the iPad Home Screen

      One of Rocket Matter’s biggest uses is by mobile attorneys running around on iPads. Since you tend to check time, billing, calendaring, and matter management 24-7, save yourself some time by creating a Rocket Matter icon for your home screen.

      To the immediate left of the address bar in Safari, click on the arrow icon and select “Add to Home Screen.” A little Rocket Matter icon will appear on your iPad, which will launch your User Dashboard when tapped.

      2. Leverage Tags

      Tags are a very convenient way to categorize information in Rocket Matter. You can use them to describe matters, contacts, documents, calendar events, and tasks. For example, you can tag a Matter as a certain type of matter, such as ‘Family Law’, as well as assign a jurisdiction, such as ‘Palm Beach County’.

      Once tags are assigned, you’re able to search for them using Rocket Matter’s ubiquitous Global Intelligent Search. This allows you to find, for example, all documents tagged ‘Motions to Dismiss’ in certain jurisdictions. Your ability to organize and find your information is completely up to you.

      3. Ditch the Pink Message Pads in Favor of Messages

      People either tend to completely ignore Rocket Matter’s intra-office message feature or use it with near-religious devotion. Try it out: click on the phone icon on any screen to take a message for another member of the firm. Rocket Matter’s contact manager is integrated, so contact names pull right up in the contact fields. Once a message is received, you can forward the message to other people, initiate Skype calls, or bill time.

      4. Create ‘Matters’ for Other Projects

      Here’s Rocket Matter’s dirty little secret: the matters in Rocket Matter are merely general purpose vessels for storing information, and can be used to manage projects or track initiatives. Matter permissions can keep stuff secret or isolated to those in a small group.

      For example, one of our attorneys creates a matter for each employee to track HR issues. Since he can restrict access on the matters, only he can see it. Others create initiatives for multi-step projects, such as ‘Christmas Party’, and use them to track tasks and keep calendar events organized.

      5. Unify Information with Google, Dropbox, and Evernote

      Since ideas and documents are often captured in Evernote and Dropbox respectively, you can unite this with your billing and case management via Rocket Matter’s integrations with these products. The idea is to allow you to have all of your firm’s information accessible through one place. From the documents screen, you can associate notebooks (for Evernote) or folders (for Dropbox) with a Rocket Matter matter.

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