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    7 Legal Practice Management Features That Will Help Your Firm Advance

    by Kaleb Buckner
      7 Legal Practice Management Features that Will Take Your Firm to the Next Level

      Cloud-based legal practice management has come a long way since its inception in 2007. Technology has evolved, and it’s imperative that law firms stay on top of these advancements to stay competitive in this ever-evolving industry. Whether you’re looking to understand your firm on a deeper level or just looking to give your clients the best experience possible, there are legal practice management features that can help you do it all.  

      If you’re looking for ways to take your law firm to the next level or just to gain a competitive edge, you might want to consider implementing the following features into your practice:  

      1. Business Intelligence 

      Legal Business Intelligence allows lawyers to sift through data and information to make better decisions, find more opportunities, and drive up profits. But where does the data come from? Rocket Matter solves this problem with its Business Intelligence Module.  

      Using a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can quickly populate reports that will give you key indicators of your law firm’s performance. You can generate high-level reports based on matters, clients, activities, invoices, and much more.  

      Pre-configured reports such as Average Case Unit Value (ACUV) and Throughput Rate (TR) can also help your firm go lean by alerting you to possible bottlenecks in your workflows. Not only that, but the data may reveal opportunities for you to improve your practice such as considering alternative fee arrangements or shortening cycle times.  

      7 Legal Practice Management Features that Will Take Your Firm to the Next Level- Business Intelligence

      2. Kanban Boards 

      Legal Project Management is a must-have feature for today’s law firms. It provides the tools to stay on budget, create better experiences for your clients, and ensure predictability and consistency within your firm.  

      Kanban boards are the stars of legal project management: They help businesses visualize their workflows and maximize efficiency. Kanban boards use columns to visually categorize and show the status of your cases at any given time. You can view the total number of days a matter has been in its current state, which helps pinpoint any areas that are causing bottlenecks.  

      Kanban boards are completely customizable based on your law firm’s needs. They too are easy to use, allowing you to change the status of cases simply by dragging and dropping them into their appropriate columns, or “swim lanes.” 

      7 Legal Practice Management Features that Will Take Your Firm to the Next Level- Kanban boards

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      3. Customizable Billing Rules  

      Law firm billing, especially involving LEDES, can be an absolute nightmare. ESPECIALLY for this working with insurance carriers. It’s hard to keep up with their annual billing rule changes, and rejected invoices can cause thousands of dollars in lost wages and inefficient rework.  

      Customizable billing rules, like those found in Rocket Matter’s Premier tier, solves all these problems by allowing you to configure audit rules to catch billing issues so that your payments aren’t delayed. Once you create a rule, you can enforce billing requirements once someone in the firm creates a time entry. There is also an audit process where you can validate entries during prebilling and invoicing.   

      Within Rocket Matter, you can create rules based on language or billing limits and specify when the rule is applied (either during time entry or during prebill.) You also have the ability to apply rules to specific roles and billing codes. Imagine all the time and money you’ll save with these protections in place!  

      7 Legal Practice Management Features that Will Take Your Firm to the Next Level- Customizable Billing Rules

      4. Office 365 Integration 

      As a busy lawyer, chances are you’re in Outlook and Word all day long. So why not use practice management software designed to integrate with these programs? Rocket Matter offers a best-in-class free integration with Office 365 so you can make the most of your time spent in these programs. Not only can you synchronize your calendars and contacts, but you’ll also ensure that you never miss a minute of billable time within Outlook and Word. 

      Rocket Matter allows you to quickly associate an email with a matter you’re working on. You can also upload the email— and its attachments—directly into your Rocket Matter account so that all your correspondence, documents, and contact information is all in one place.  

      For those lawyers who use Microsoft Word 365 to draft documents, Rocket Matter’s integration allows you to run a timer (or simply input your time) when working on your documents. You can also automatically upload your documents directly to your matters and save multiple versions if you need to refer to or restore a previous revision.

      7 Legal Practice Management Features that Will Take Your Firm to the Next Level- Office 365 integration

      5. E-Signature  

      Between convenience and necessity, it’s easy to see why some lawyers have fully embraced e-signatures in their practices to help streamline their workflows and offer better client service. The best part is, you can access e-signature functionality directly from within many practice management solutions, including Rocket Matter. This negates the need to pay for third-party services such as HelloSign or DocuSign. 

      E-signatures are valid in all U.S. states and are granted the same legal status as handwritten signatures. There are a plethora of benefits for using e-signature in your law firm: It’s Covid-safe, eliminates waste, makes clients happy, and above all, it creates a full audit trail. Of course, there are exceptions where a physical signature might be mandatory, so it’s important to check with your local bar to make sure you are following the correct practice.  

      7 Legal Practice Management Features that Will Take Your Firm to the Next Level- ESignature

      6. Secure File Sharing 

      Secure file sharing should also be integrated into every workplace where documents are sent across the web. Contrary to popular belief, email is one of the least secure forms of communication since the information contained within them is vulnerable to data breaches.  

      Secure file sharing through a platform such as ImagineShare (Available via Rocket Matter) enables lawyers to password protect documents and add another layer of authentication. You can also create audit logs to see which users uploaded, accessed, or modified a document and at what time. Secure file sharing platforms can also help minimize spam by warning when links appear to be nefarious, helping to level up your firm’s cybersecurity game!

      7 Legal Practice Management Features that Will Take Your Firm to the Next Level- Secure file sharing

      7. Online Payments 

      It’s 2022 (GASP). If you’re still not accepting credit cards and e-check payments at your law firm, what are you waiting for? It will make your clients happier and ensure that you get paid faster.  

      Just think about the time it takes to print, stuff, stamp, and mail invoices to your clients. Not to mention all the time you’ll wait on your clients to mail in their checks. Integrated online payments like Rocket Matter Pay combine this work into an effortless click of a button. Your clients receive an invoice via email and can pay instantly via credit card or eCheck. What once took hours or days can be done in a matter of minutes.

      Clients will pay their invoices sooner if given the option to pay online since it’s safer and more secure than cash or check. And with Rocket Matter Pay, you can offer recurring billing and payment plans for your clients so you’ll never miss a payment. The best part about online payment processing? The funds will hit your account in as few as 12 hours. Seems like a no-brainer to help level up your law firm’s revenues.  

      7 Legal Practice Management Features that Will Take Your Firm to the Next Level- recurring billing and payment plans

      Rocket Matter legal practice management can help level up your law firm with all of the features mentioned above! See for yourself with a free personalized demonstration. Book yours today!

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