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    9 Reasons Why Legal CRM Takes Your Law Firm To The Next Level

    How CRM takes your Project Management to the Next Level

      Legal CRM (Client Relationship Management) software has radically transformed how law firms interact with and market to legal clients.

      But if you’re only using it for drip campaigns, you’re missing out on some significant benefits.

      Did you know that legal CRMs also provide powerful project management tools that let you automate follow-up messages, manage your marketing tasks more efficiently, and develop cleaner client intake processes?

      Valuable Legal CRM applications to support your law firm's project management efforts

      1. Cutting the fluff from client intake 

      Is your client intake process efficient? Not if attorneys are managing prescreening, conflicting-checking, and scheduling without support.

      Managing client intake tasks manually cuts into your firm’s billable hours deeply. Specialized legal software, like Rocket Matter legal CRM, helps you reclaim your time to focus on more pressing priorities.

      2. Intake forms that impress  

      There’s nothing inherently wrong with pen-and-paper client intake forms, but they don’t exactly send your prospects a message that your firm is up-to-date with modern tools. Your potential clients are used to filling out medical forms, job applications, and most other forms online.

      How can they trust that your attorneys stay up-to-date with evolving legislation if your law firm hasn’t stayed current with technology?

      Intuitive, mobile-friendly intake forms make the entire process easier for your clients and your team. With customizable fields and branding, Rocket Matter makes it simple to build custom forms for every practice area or case type your firm manages to ensure you’re gathering all the information you need—and none of the information you don’t.

      3. Ditch the data entry  

      Even the most basic legal CRM acts as a helpful storage hub for client data, but the best ones automatically collect and integrate that data to make your life easier.

      When you collect clients’ contact information and case details electronically, there’s no need to manually enter everything into your system (sometimes multiple times in multiple places). Choosing a legal CRM that integrates with your firm’s practice management software is more convenient and time-effective.

      4. Collect signatures in one click 

      CRMs that integrate with eSignature tools streamline the intake process by sending documents and requests to your clients’ phones so they can sign them on the go. By simplifying the process, you can skip the frustration of obtaining wet ink signatures. Plus, your signed documents will be stored securely and sorted for easy record-keeping—no scanning required.

      5. Your one-stop information shop 

      Disorganized workflows and software silos make legal work a chore. Your legal CRM provides a single point of access for client and case data, including contact information, notes about client interactions, documents related to cases, and the status of each legal matter.

      When it’s easier to access the information you need to manage their cases, you can provide better service to your clients. Rocket Matter legal CRM includes features like task lists, calendars, and document management to help you stay on top of deadlines while working on multiple cases simultaneously.

      What You Should Do Before Buying Legal Practice Management Software

      Follow these steps to figure out what you need before buying any legal practice management software.

      6. Two-way document sharing  

      While most clients see personalized service as a plus, it shouldn’t require you to spend several billable hours a week reviewing the same basic policies with multiple new clients.

      Instead, combine two-way document sharing with other legal CRM features, like text and email automation. With a bit of initial setup, you can easily share the information necessary to establish solid client expectations for services, including:

      • Your firm’s office hours
      • Invoicing and billing processes
      • When to expect case updates
      • How to contact an attorney with questions
      • Privacy policies

      Collecting signed questionnaires, fee agreements, and evidence is faster with your legal CRM, too. Rocket Matter helps you deliver documents and requests to new clients in just a few clicks. Clients can either sign online with eSignature or upload photos and documents as needed.

      7. Automated workflows that work  

      Imagine. You enter a new client into your legal CRM, and…

      • Your calendar is populated with relevant deadlines and court appearances
      • Your client receives all relevant documents, from fee agreements to pleadings, on a customized schedule
      • Case statuses are tracked automatically and you receive notifications as new milestones are reached
      • Related appointments are scheduled and confirmed automatically

      Hello, efficiency!

      Because Rocket Matter Legal CRM integrates with your practice management software and allows for customization, the possibilities are practically endless. Any potential workflow has one thing in common: it frees you up to spend more time on strategic planning instead of essential, day-to-day case management.

      8. Stay in touch 

      Tired of hearing the phone ring off the hook? Keep your clients well-informed with strategic automated messages that make them less likely to call you with simple questions interrupting your other work.

      Use your legal CRM to stay in touch with your clients at every stage of their legal matters—without taking the time or focus from billable projects.

      Using Your CRM to Lighten Your Workload…  
      At Intake  Legal CRMs make onboarding efficient and user-friendly 
      During the Matter  Offer targeted content to answer common questions about the client’s legal matter. 


      Send text or email requests to schedule meetings, collect evidence, or remind clients of upcoming court dates.  

      While Wrapping Up  Request reviews, thank the client for their business, and promote other additional legal services.   

      9. Making better budgets for marketing and business development 

      Legal CRM analytics can support you in understanding and improving your schedule, caseload, clients, and internal processes, leading to better legal project management.

      With a little configuration, your legal CRM can help you:

      • Estimate the resources needed to attract clients for various practice areas
      • Better prioritize your team’s tasks and understand the resources required to complete them
      • Evaluate the efficiency of internal processes and identify opportunities for improvement
      • Better understand your clients' needs and tailor your approach to better serve them
      • Develop more effective marketing and business budgets

      Not every legal CRM is built for the way your firm works.

      Industry-agnostic legal CRMs aren’t attuned to the daily rhythm of your work as an attorney. But Rocket Matter Legal CRM is. Our robust legal CRM has the tools and functionality you need to manage your workload—and your law firm—with confidence. Schedule your free demo today to get started.


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      What You Should Do Before Buying Legal Practice Management Software

      Follow these steps to figure out what you need before buying any legal practice management software.

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