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    A Time and Billing App for Lawyers Using Android™


      Rocket Matter Legal Time and Billing Android AppWe are very proud and excited to announce the release of the highly anticipated and requested Rocket Matter native Android App for lawyers.
      The Android OS from Google now commands 79% of the smartphone market, according to research firm Gartner. iPhone usage is around 14%, so between our Android app and our legal iPhone app, Rocket Matter is usable in its native form on 93% of all smartphones.

      Our ‘Big Why’ here at Rocket Matter is to make the lives of lawyers a whole lot easier. And it starts with allowing people to work from wherever they are, on whatever device they prefer.

      With over a year of experience perfecting our iPhone app, it was easy to design the Android app to complement our web-based application and help busy attorneys on the go.

      Enjoy a Heterogeneous Mobile Environment

      The combination of our Android and iPhone apps makes it much easier for larger law firms with different mobile preferences to sync through one Rocket Matter account.
      This is a big deal: now a law firm does not have to make a decision to go all Android or iPhone – with Rocket Matter, both systems can coexist.
      I.T. staff and network administrators will be happy, since the Rocket Matter app is secured on both platforms and can easily be cut off from the firm in the case of loss or theft. Sensitive information and client confidentiality are preserved.
      Android App for Lawyers

      Why build native? Why build a web app?

      When you build an app, you have essentially three choices. You can build a mobile web app, which runs in a browser like Chrome or Safari. You can build a native app, so called because it runs outside the browser using the smartphone’s native code and is distributed through the Google Play or iTunes store. Then you can build an native app which has a browser in it, which is essentially a hybrid solution.
      At Rocket Matter, the choice to build native was clear, and that’s because of speed. Our users want a fast, responsive app. Mobile web apps are slow compared to native apps, as these benchmarks point out. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook famously came to the same conclusion when he switched his technical strategy away from mobile web to native.

      What Does the Rocket Matter Legal Android App Do?

      The app is free and available to everyone with a Rocket Matter account and an Android 4.0 or higher. Designed in the native Android platform, the app works perfectly with the Droid in terms of speed, functionality, and user interface.
      Android App for LawyersHere are just some of the features the Android app offers:
      Capture Billable Time On the Go
      No matter where you are, the Android App makes it easy for you to capture more billable time than ever before.
      Matter Information
      Convenient for both you and your clients, the app allows you to find any information pertaining to matters, billable items, and more.
      Check your entire schedule of events months in advance, and update or add new events in seconds.
      Anything recorded in the Android app appears instantly in the web-based product.
      At Rocket Matter, we’re all about making lawyers more mobile. It’s part of our mission to make your lives a whole lot easier. More information about the app can be found at

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