Advantage #2 of Using a Legal SaaS Product: It’s Easy to Use

by rocketmatter-admin October 21, 2009

Do you know anyone that purchased legal software such as Time Matters, and then never used it?

This phenomenon tends not to happen with Rocket Matter and other web-based software.  It’s easy to access (just type a URL into a brower) and simple to use.

There’s a strong economic motivator behind this: many SaaS companies charge month-to-month, without requiring contracts.  If the software’s hard to use, then people stop paying.  So in order to survive, the software has to be engaging and simple.

At Rocket Matter, we take design and ease of use to the next level.  In fact, Rocket Matter has been compared to a product designed by Apple.  Professional software reviewers have said that it appears to read their mind.

And easy software equals less time training and more time being productive.  Which at the end of the day, makes you more efficient and profitable.

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