Advantage #63 of using a Legal SaaS Product: Go Green

by rocketmatter-admin May 14, 2009

So you’ve instituted a firm recycling policy, you’re moving to paperless, and instituted some energy saving policies with your lights, computers, and monitors.

Want to reduce your toll on the environment even more?  Consider a Software as a Service (SaaS) application for your firm’s business needs. SaaS solutions are designed so that many companies are tenants on the same computers, a concept known as “multitenancy.”

Take legal practice management software as an example.  A five-person firm will often maintain a server for Time Matters or Amicus Attorney, plus another computer as a backup server, and yet one more as a shared document server.

With a well-designed SaaS application, 300 such firms could share an environment of three computers (with isolated and protected data, of course).  If you do the math, that’s a lot of savings.  If the firms in the scenario described above each ran their own non-SaaS software, 300 firms using three computers apiece = 900 computers.

Each year, the power needed for a running computer generates one ton of airborn carbon dioxide.  That’s 900 tons of CO2 emissions.  And when these machines reach their life expectancy, that’s a lot of landfill.

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