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    Agile Software Development Lessons for Law Firms


      Steve Levy at Lexician recently penned an excellent post about incorporating ideas from Agile Software Development into the business of law.

      We’re happy so see others raising awareness about some of the truly great operatinal techniques Agile brings to the table. Readers of this blog know of our enthusiasm for The Daily Standup and Retrospective meetings, both of which we discuss in our free e-book Legal Productivity and originate in Agile.

      In his post, Steve also cites The Daily Standup as a great practice to embrace and adds some interesting lawyerly advice. In addition, he hits on one of the components of Agile that we don’t talk about as much, which is more involved customer feedback solicited for the project. Steve writes:

      While I don’t suggest attorneys have the client literally in the room all or most of the time, I do think they can learn a lot from understanding the benefits this level of communication. Too many attorneys are ill-trained at communicating with the client. They know how to talk, they sometimes know how to listen, but they don’t necessarily understand how to engage in a true dialog. Most importantly, this dialog must be ongoing, not a phone call the hour before the firm posts the month’s bill/invoice.

      We’re glad to see we’re not the only ones pushing Agile. It’s too good not to be looked at by firms of all sizes and types.

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