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    App of the Week: Breather – Reserve a Quiet Space in a Bustling City to Work or Relax


      Car service, Uber, has taken the nation by storm. It removes the hassle of getting from one place to another in the city. Create an account, whip out the app on your phone when you need a ride, and a car of your choice will appear in minutes to transport you and your friends.

      I’ve yet to meet an unsatisfied Uber user. And, Uber succeeds in cities saturated with taxi cabs, like New York and Chicago. They succeed because the experience is often more reliable, more transparent, and seamless. No reaching for your wallet or standing in the rain waiting for a cab that never comes.

      That’s the way Breather app works for reserving a room in busy cities to relax before an interview or event, host a meeting, or to get some work done. When you need a quiet space, open the app, click on a location nearby and reserve a space for 30 minutes, a few hours, or the entire day. Your card on file is charged for the length of your stay and you can enter the space with a simple tap of your phone. Seamless. Just like Uber.

      Also, like Uber, Breather hopes to succeed amid a wide range of existing options. Sure, you could find a local library or stop in at a nearby Starbucks, but for a few dollars, you get your own quiet space, privacy, fast, free Wi-Fi, charging docks for your phone and other devices, and a comfortable, cozy atmosphere. All Breather locations include pencils, pens, notepads, candy and other helpful stuff. Some also include dry erase idea walls.

      Breather wants to be your second home or office, wherever and whenever you need it. Right now, “wherever” is in Montreal and New York with plans to go live in San Francisco and other cities in the near future.

      Breather app is available for iOS and Android devices.

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