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    App of the Week: Knock – Tap Your iPhone To Unlock Your Mac


      The one thing that’s with you all day, every day, every minute, is your phone. Just look at people walking down the street, staring at tiny screens and bumping into things. Or, people at the gym, or at dinner, in a restaurant, on a date. You take it to bed with you, even to the bathroom.
      It’s certainly nearby when you sit down to work on your computer. So why not use your phone to unlock your computer instead of entering a password? (Like your phone, I’m sure you password protect your computer.)
      That’s exactly what Knock does. It lets you unlock your computer by simply tapping on your phone. Without taking it out of your pocket.
      Here’s a cool demonstration:

      Even if you’re super diligent about security and use a password manager, like 1Password, you have to unlock your computer in order to access the app. So, go ahead and secure your Mac with a complicated password. Then pair your iPhone and Mac Bluetooth settings and tap to unlock.
      It would be nice to re-lock a Mac with another tap, but that feature is not yet available (it will be soon).
      Right now, Knock only works with iPhones and Macs and available for $3.99 in the App Store.
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