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    App of the Week: Get Online From Anywhere With Wi-Fi Finder


      Quickly find a wireless connection when traveling with the Wi-Fi Finder app. Also handy for work-at-homers hoping to discover new places in town from which to work.

      After downloading the app you’re presented with three options:

      • Find public Wi-Fi near your current locations
      • Find Wi-Fi hotspots anywhere in the world
      • Download offline database for finding public Wi-Fi when not online

      I used the map to locate a cluster of Wi-Fi hotspots near me, then switched to the List view which provides the business location and free or paid options.

      You can filter by Free, Pay, or Both. Along with the obvious Starbucks listings, I found a slew of locations nearby.

      Find a location that you like? Add it to your favorites for easy access during repeat visits.

      The app developers work with the top pay and free service providers in the world to bring us accurate and up-to-date information. You can also submit a hotspot using an in-app form which they verify before it appears in the app.

      As with all public wi-fi surfing, make sure that you’re viewing sensitive data over HTTPS protocol for secure connections.

      Available for the iPhone and Android devices, Wi-Fi Finder app charts over 650,000 locations in 144 countries, and counting.

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