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    App of the Week: Khan Archiver – Educational Videos From Khan Academy


      Anyone familiar with Khan Academy knows their incredible mission: providing a free online education to anyone, anywhere. Now, with the Khan Archiver app, users can actually receive an education anywhere by easily downloading and viewing Khan Academy videos on their phones or tablets.
      Khan Academy is a non-profit educational website that contains thousands of video lectures teaching anything from simple school subjects to real world professions and hobbies. Khan Archiver organizes these videos alphabetically by subject, and its simple interface allows users to easily maneuver downloading and archiving videos of a specific topic.
      Furthering its dedication to education, the “School Search” feature displays all local schools that users select as their area of study.
      While Khan Archiver does not replicate the true online experience the website provides, it is useful for car rides or any other situation where you find yourself away from a computer. The app requires Wi-Fi to download videos, but users can watch them anywhere.
      Available: iOS
      Cost: Free

      Author note: Props to Dean Meisel, Rocket Matter intern, who did the heavy lifting on this piece.
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