App of the Week: Swell – It's Like Pandora For Talk Radio and Podcasts

by rocketmatter-admin August 2, 2013

The designation “Pandora for talk radio” has made Swell an instant hit since its launch about a month ago. Just like its musical counterpart, Swell plays random audio selections based on your previous preferences.
Swell is perfect for morning traffic, as it brings you a variety of fascinating podcasts ranging from NPR to TED talks to even standup comedy. Through its human curation system, which uses ratings by employees and users, Swell only streams high quality, interesting and informative choices from popular iTunes podcasts such as ESPN, BBC, ABC News, and plenty more.
The app’s ingenuity lies in its simplicity. The only two interactions between the user and the interface are swiping to get a new broadcast and choosing a topic (such as comedy or technology) for them to rotate through.
Just like Pandora, Swell is great for people looking to discover something new, get the news, or hear something interesting. It might not replace your favorite podcast, but it will introduce you to some great new ones and make your morning traffic a lot more tolerable.
Available: iOS, Android(coming soon)
Cost: Free

Author note: Props to Dean Meisel, Rocket Matter intern, who did the heavy lifting on this piece.
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