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    App of the Week: Listen to the Web With SpokenLayer


      In our quest to be more productive we look for ways to maximize our time. Like during the long train commutes to work or tedious hours at the gym. Sure, treadmill desks are all the rage but catching up on reading during a 30 minute run will probably not end well. Instead, use SpokenLayer to read the web with your ears.

      We’ve taken a look at Vocalyze which converts text to audio, along with a few other apps and tools that provide similar functionality. These remain good options, but getting used to the automated, decidedly machine-sounding voice takes a bit of adjustment.

      SpokenLayer goes one step further and provides professional voice over artists who narrate trending and popular stories. Original authors can also read their own work, in their own voice. Because of this rather labor intensive effort, the list of publications is short, but ever-expanding. The list includes TechCrunch, Engadget, National Journal, The Atlantic, and Associated Press.

      I’ve tested the free SpokenLayer iPhone app at the gym and it makes listening to the web fun and easy. Looking forward to the expanding list of publications.

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