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    App of the Week: PocketCloud – Take Your PC or Mac With You on Your Smartphone


      Add PocketCloud to your list of Remote Desktop apps to choose from. It lets you access files, music, videos, and run applications stored on your computer from your iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

      The free app limits you to accessing files from one computer. PocketCloud offers a pro upgrade for all devices which allows you add additional computers, and a premium upgrade for iPhone users. Pricing for the mix of upgrades and apps is a bit confusing, but you’ll be able to make in-app upgrade purchases.

      PocketCloud Remote Desktop free features, limited to one computer, include:

      • Android and iOS versions
      • Three easy connection options: Auto Discovery, RDP, and VNC
      • Intuitive user interface
      • Multitasking
      • Touch Pointer: high accuracy screen control
      • Keyboard auto-activation
      • Custom keyboards with shortcuts

      Additional features in the PocketCloud Pro upgrade:

      • Connect to multiple computers
      • RDP 256-bit NLA/TLS encryption
      • VMware View support
      • 3rd party app integration (URL scheme)

      PocketCloud is a good option for solos who wish to use their computers as servers when away from the office to access files and applications.

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