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    App of the Week Showdown: WhatsApp vs Kik Messengers


      This week, I will be reviewing both WhatsApp and Kik free messengers, but only one can take home the coveted Legal Productivity App of the Week.

      It seems like just yesterday “BBM” was the vernacular of techies interested in mobile instant messaging. Since then, just as the popular phone options have evolved into the Android and the iPhone, so have the most popular free messengers: Kik and WhatsApp.
      Both Kik and WhatsApp provide free mobile messaging globally, and each is practical enough to merit its millions of users around the world. The differences are found in the interfaces, their ways of connecting you with your contacts, and how many of your contacts use the app.

      While Kik is more dedicated to the newest and brightest innovations in chat technology — I speak, of course, about sharing pictures, videos, and emojis — there are a few setbacks to its interface and functionality.
      Most importantly, it accesses your contacts, but you need to add someone’s username, while WhatsApp automatically syncs your phone contacts. (The upshot is you’re identified by username rather than your phone number, ensuring privacy.) In addition, WhatsApp users are able to connect with international numbers.
      To conclude, Kik has more bells and whistles, but when it comes to functionality, WhatsApp does what needs to be done, and is incredibly easy to navigate. Plus, you’ll find more of your contacts in your WhatsApp list, as it has about five times more users than Kik. WhatsApp wins this showdown.
      Both are available on Android and iOS platforms. (WhatsApp is free for the first year, then .99 cents per year after)
      Dean Meisel, a rock star Rocket Matter intern, is studying Economics at Northwestern University. He is from Boca Raton, FL and dabbles in writing, having contributed to numerous school publications since high school.
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