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    App of the Week: LinkedIn Contacts – Relationship Manager


      Chances are, if you have a career and are somewhat connected to the Internet, you are one of 225 million professionals using LinkedIn to enhance your networking. In April, LinkedIn launched LinkedIn contacts, a new app that takes professional relationships to a whole new level.
      The principal idea behind LinkedIn Contacts is to provide a single forum for easier connections, conversations, and relationships with your online professional network. All of the contacts from your phone, email, and more will integrate with LinkedIn contacts so you can find them all in one place and organize them by name, location, company, and even how recently you talked.
      LinkedIn Contacts is extremely useful in a number of different real world situations. Looking for a new job? Reach out to your professional network through easy messaging. Want to know more about the company/employer that is interviewing you? Do some background research. Having trouble keeping up with thousands of past associates and friends? See if they have changed jobs or even wish them a happy birthday.
      To conclude, LinkedIn Contacts does not offer many different features, but its integration of contacts combined with the power of a LinkedIn network is unique and useful enough to merit a download.
      Available: iOS
      Cost: Free

      Author note: Props to Dean Meisel, Rocket Matter intern, who did the heavy lifting on this piece.
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