App of the Week: Breaking News – Get the Latest on Topics You Care About

by rocketmatter-admin February 14, 2014

Twitter is great for breaking news. So is Facebook. And many other channels. It can quickly become a firehose of information. Why not get your news from one source that mines data from a variety of channels and let’s you get customized alerts based on your areas of interest? That’s what you’ll get with Breaking News app.
The app lets you customize your push alerts based on location, weather, or a particular story. Mute stories that you don’t like and the topic will be removed from future alerts.
All the news is vetted by a team of editors, including verified eyewitness photos and videos from breaking events. So, if you come across surprising news that you want to share with your friends, go right ahead. Just tap on the “Whoa!” button and you’ll be able to share with your Twitter and Facebook friends, or via text and email.
Breaking News, the brainchild of NBC News, is free and available on a wide range of mobile devices, including iOS, Android, Kindle, and Windows.
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