App of the Week: Know My App – Identify Data Hogging Apps

by rocketmatter-admin January 31, 2014

We’re departing from our weekly routine of featuring one mobile app to, well, featuring all mobile apps. Know My App is a web tool that shows the data hogging habits of popular iOS and Android apps.

Know My App calculates an app’s data usage based on a typical user. It’s an average rather than a specific user’s data usage. In the Facebook example (usage on an iPhone 4S) below, it treats a typical one-day use of the app as 3 sessions, posting 5 comments, liking 5 posts, viewing one video, viewing 3 photos, etc.

Turns out the popular game Candy Crush Saga’s data usage is negligible while streaming Netflix videos is, of course, stratospheric.
The website offers basic tips for conserving data on your smartphone:

  • Switch from cellular to Wi-Fi service where secure Wi-Fi is available;
  • Adjust your apps’ settings to stop or minimize updates unless you’re on a secure Wi-Fi hotspot;
  • Minimize apps that aren’t in use so they’re not running in the background;
  • Uninstall any apps you don’t use.

If you use WiFi for the majority of your web surfing and app use then you’re good. But, if you don’t, Know My App is a good site to check your popular mobile apps for data hogging status to make sure you don’t go over your data plan.

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