App of the Week: Newsy- Multi-source Video News

by rocketmatter-admin August 1, 2014

Newspapers nowadays seem to be impractical and inconvenient. Their subscriptions cost money, and most Americans nowadays don’t like to read, anyway. If you’re looking for a better way to catch up on daily news in a format that keeps you engaged and informed, then look no further than Newsy from Media Convergence Group, Inc.
Unlike Wibbitz, which is a more visual way of receiving your news, Newsy’s claim to fame is the way that it combines news from a compilation of sources to provide you with every angle of a story.
Newsy’s rotating editorial teams monitor each day’s news. They research blogs, newspapers, magazines, television channels and also scan the Internet, using sources such as MSNBC, FOX News, CNN, ABC, and TechCrunch just to name a few. They write and edit their own stories, making sure to provide their viewers with unique perspectives and analysis of the differences in coverage from the various sources.
Newsy covers most major categories and features professional anchors who are both thorough and engaging. The final product is a short, no-fluff video snippet of news that is easy to digest, ensuring that you get the full story no matter what news breaks.
The Newsy app is available for almost every device, including iOS devices, android, windows and blackberry. You can even visit on your computer to get your daily news fix.
Whether you’re a busy professional who needs to grab their news on the go, or if you just enjoy your news being delivered in short, condensed video clips, then Newsy is a great solution for you.
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