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    App of the Week: oneSafe Password Manager – Secure Your Logins, Documents and Pictures


      The best – and most secure – way to manage your myriad logins is to use a password manager. Fortunately, there are a few good options to choose from. We’ve talked about 1Password and Dashlane. There’s also the popular LastPass. (the premium model is subscription based.) Another great option, is oneSafe, the most affordable of the bunch.
      Simple and elegant, oneSafe stores your usernames and passwords, credit card, tax and bank account numbers, and personal documents in a variety of formats like PDF, Word and Excel. It even stores your secret pictures.
      The app offers an ultra-secure browser (no cookies or browsing history left behind) and employs the highest level of encryption, and you get an alert if someone tries to access your data. You can synchronize information between several devices using iCloud. I prefer using Dropbox for syncing, like I do with 1Password, but oneSafe doesn’t have that option.
      I prefer not to skimp on security and happen to use one of the most expensive options, 1Password, but if cost is an issue or you’re new to password managers and want to test the waters, oneSafe is a great option.
      Available: Mac, iOS, Android
      Cost: $9.99 for Mac, $5.99 for iPhone and iPad, and $1.99 for Android. There’s also a free, trimmed-down version for the iPhone: oneSafe Essentials.

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