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    App of the Week: Skitch- Doodle on Your Documents


      It’s no secret that we love Evernote here at Legal Productivity and Rocket Matter®. We’ve even written an entire e-book about it! It is an invaluable app for note taking, managing tasks, and keeping track of pretty much everything in your life. While Evernote is extremely powerful, it makes those of us who are more visually inclined feel a little left out.
      For the doodlers of the world, Evernote has given us Skitch, a free app that allows you to get your point across with fewer words. You can use annotation, shapes and sketches to make your ideas come to life, and then synchronize them seamlessly with your Evernote notebooks. Though the app itself has been around for quite a while (Evernote purchased it in 2011), there have been significant improvements made within the last few months.
      While Skitch may seem like a glorified Snapchat, it is quite powerful. It allows you to markup virtually any document. You can doodle on a photo just for fun, point things out on a map, markup a website, annotate a PDF, or start fresh with a blank page.
      When you launch Skitch, you’ll be able to scroll through your editing options at the bottom of the screen. Simply select the type of document you want to work with, and the app will guide you through the rest. Each document has markup tools such as text boxes, highlighters, arrows, shapes, stamps, emoticons, and of course, a drawing tool.
      Whether you use Evernote or not, Skitch is a really handy app to have on your phone. If you’re not using it for work, you can most certainly use it to create blackmail-worthy images of your friends and post them to Facebook, which is totally awesome.
      The app is available for both iOS and Android devices, as well as Mac and PC.
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