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    App of the Week: Talkboard- The Digital Collaborative Whiteboard


      iPads are an extremely powerful tool for communication and collaboration. So are run-of-the-mill office whiteboards. Put them together and you get a fantastic app: Talkboard. Created by Citrix, the folks that gave us GoToMeeting, Talkboard is a digital collaborative whiteboard that makes brainstorming and collaborating with others extremely simple, whether they’re across the room or across the world.
      Once installed on each collaborator’s iPad, Talkboard users can then write, draw or sketch anything using the app’s multitude of tools. In real-time, these sketches and doodles are displayed simultaneously on the screens of your collaborator’s tablets, where they can add their own input.
      The app was recently updated to include integrated audio. Similar to GoToMeeting, users can now speak with other project members in real-time collaboration. Talkboard also now includes a social feature that allows for the ability to import images from your photo gallery.
      Talkboard can be used for things such as designing, sketching, note-taking, brainstorming, tutoring, and more. The created content can be easily saved and shared with others in the form of image files and social media posts, so no one misses out on the brainstorm session.
      The Talkboard app is a must-have for teams who constantly share ideas and need instant feedback, especially if there are any remote members. The app is available for free for iPad only on the Apple app store and must be downloaded on each user’s device. Try it today and let the real-time collaboration commence!
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