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    App of the Week: MindNode – Post-It Notes on Steroids


      I’m more of a list-taking, Evernote user, but the more visually inclined swear by mind maps. MindMeister – which I’ve used – is the granddaddy of mind maps. It’s great, but if you need to create more than three mind maps, you’ll have to subscribe to a monthly plan. Or, for a one-time fee of $9.99 (iPhone/iPad) or $19.99 (Mac), you can get MindNode.

      Even this list-taker acknowledges the superior power of mind maps for brainstorming and organizing thoughts around a project or creative endeavor – especially when collaborating with team members. Mind maps allow you to throw ideas at the “board,” build them out, and reorganize them – like you used to do with Post-It notes.

      MindNode lets you create and drag-and-drop notes – or nodes, as the they’re called – to rearrange your ideas, add images, stylize nodes, and send the entire project to iCloud or Dropbox to share with the team.

      Give mind mapping a try, or if you’re like me and many others who’ve already tried it – give the software a second look. Like Evernote, for many users, the second time’s the charm.

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