App of the Week: Wibbitz Turns News Articles Into Video Snippets

by rocketmatter-admin May 9, 2014

Don’t care for television news but still like to watch instead of read the latest news? Check out Wibbitz, the app that transforms articles into video snippets that you can watch (or listen to) on your iPhone.
Here’s how the folks at Wibbitz use artificial Intelligence to turn long text articles into video summaries:

Using advanced text analysis and smart algorithms Wibbitz creates beautiful and short audio-visual experiences out of pure text to save you a lot of energy and time. Wibbitz visualizes the story by taking full advantage of the iPhone’s beautiful screen. Weaving together related images, videos clips, and animated infographics the Wibbitz technology brings stories to life.

If you want to geek out more on the technology behind converting text news to video snippets, Wibbitz accommodates.
The beautifully designed app allows you to curate your favorite news sources so you can just press play during your commute in the morning or evening and catch up with the latest news from the sources you like and trust.
The app is free and available for iOS devices.
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