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    Apple: Stay or Go?


      A relative late comer to all things Apple, I remain a fan, though not a pure fan-boy since I reserve to right to challenge, criticize, even complain.

      And there’s been quite a bit of criticism of Apple in recent months, none more so that the scathing DEAR APPLE: I’m Leaving You. Much of it is warranted, but since we each use our devices in ways that are unique to us, this sentiment doesn’t apply broadly. Here’s why I’m sticking with Apple.

      Limiting choices

      So you’re ready to buy a new computer, smartphone, a tablet or two. Pre-Apple, I’d spend days and too many sleepless nights researching the best options out there. The choice was rarely clear. With Apple, my choice of a new computer is limited to three: The Macbook, Pro, and Air. Actually four, for the stalwart few who still prefer desktop computers.

      I have a Pro right now and may go with an Air the next time I need to upgrade. They’re all great choices, but since my computer is my office which I travel with in cabs, subway, bike, sidewalks and airplanes, I’d like to ease the burden on my shoulder. That’s my primary reason for potentially changing computers, and I know that whatever choice I make will be stellar. No research necessary.

      The process of choosing a smartphone is even worse! So many good (and not so good) options, it would take forever to test and select the right phone. Now I don’t give it a second thought. I just wait for the next iteration of the iPhone. I’m usually not disappointed.

      Are there functions and applications that I may be missing? Sure, but they’re not critical. Yes, Maps is a debacle, but there are other navigation options, and I really don’t use the feature enough for it to make a difference. Apple’s cloud services leave much to be desired, but I already use Dropbox, Evernote and Google Docs and Email for Business. Sure, an Android device makes for a more fluid work flow and access to Google services, but I’m able to configure my Apple devices to function just fine.


      The App Store a huge reason for me to stay, and I think, for many. Apple has successfully engineered an ecosystem that makes it difficult to leave. From the nimble Rocket Matter app on my iPhone to the new, slick read-it-later Pocket app for Mac, I’ve settled in nicely and have no desire or need to leave.

      Expert operator

      Unless your’e a rabid gadget geek, there are few process as frustrating as learning new systems, figuring out how a new device works and cluelessly pouring over a thick manual. Sticking with Apple means that you never have to. That’s a lot of productivity and time gained.

      Great design

      Apple’s design is still a beautiful thing to behold, feel and use. The operating systems is fast and intuitive and it works. Granted, others are catching up, so Apple as to keep producing.

      So, is Apple perfect? Far from it. For one, I still wish iTunes would go away, though with iCould hosting, it could become useful — when iCloud decides to get its act together. And Apple needs to not take its users for granted, like charging $29 for a new lightening dock connector that is arguably unnecessary. But for its ease of use, beautiful, intuitive interface, abundant app store and productivity enhancing ecosystem, it’s hard to beat.

      So I’m staying. But Apple, treat me right and don’t take me for granted. I’m paying a premium for you, and expect the best.

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