Case Studies: Total Law Firm Case Management Through Better Technology Systems

by rocketmatter-admin August 28, 2014

We’ve compiled nine case studies of lawyers and firms who use law firm case management software to manage their practice. Although the case studies focus on Rocket Matter (sponsor of this blog) software, it provides a fascinating insight into how lawyers and firms use the technology and features in their own unique way to improve functionality, productivity, and accountability. And, ultimately, the bottom line.
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The case studies span a broad range of practice areas including real estate, business litigation, intellectual property, family law, criminal defense, bankruptcy, and personal injury. Firms discuss the myriad improvements they’ve experienced in billing and invoicing, document assembly and management, calendaring, contact and task management, and much more.
The firms and lawyers profiled were encouraged to share real world examples, with challenges outlined, and solutions and benefits detailed. Check it out!

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