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    Case Study: Broedlow Lewis LLP Gained Hours of Billable Time with Rocket Matter


      How Jeff Lewis and Broedlow Lewis LLP Compete Using Rocket Matter

      Jeff Lewis, one of only 277 certified appellate specialists in California, represents individuals and businesses in complex litigation, both at the trial and appellate levels. After eight years at a law firm, Jeff left in 2006 to start his own practice. A few years later, Kelly Broedlow Dunagan, a former colleague, began serving as Of Counsel for the Law Office of Jeffrey Lewis. On January 1, 2012, Broedlow Lewis LLP opened its doors.

      Law Office SoftwareJeff’s clients tend to be high-tech, and cutting-edge technology helps him stay ahead of the curve. Powering up Rocket Matter on his iPad and locating a document on the spot, along with performing other powerful tasks, keeps Jeff and his practice highly productive and as tech-savvy as any lawyer can be.

      “Once, when I was in federal court and the judge asked about a referenced item, I pulled up the document in Rocket Matter and found the particular note,” says Jeff. “Quick and easy. And impressive.”

      Real-Time Conflicts Checking

      One of the challenges Jeff faced was conflicts management. With Rocket Matter, as you create a matter and enter the client name, related matters for the client automatically appear. The best part is your conflicts are built up naturally just by using Rocket Matter. “Now, when I get a phone call, I can quickly enter names and make sure I don’t have a conflict,” says Jeff.

      “Real-time conflicts checking — that’s huge!”

      Bill On-the-Go

      Another problem was billing. Jeff struggled with billing programs that were tied to a desktop computer. Rocket Matter makes it seamless to bill time while you go about your usual activities. Every activity you perform is captured via a Bill as you Work™ technology, whether it be calendaring, adding tasks, or even working with documents. With an iPad or smartphone, Jeff enters time while waiting in court or in between meetings.

      Check out Rocket Matter’s iPad Edition!

      “I’m blown away by Rocket Matter. It’s polished and organized and saves my back. My only regret is not signing up sooner. I cringe to think about the lost time and the lost productivity for the first few years of my practice,” says Jeff. Just how many hours of billable time have the attorneys at Broedlow Lewis gained since making the move to Rocket Matter?

      “Easily between one to five hours per month per attorney,” says Jeff. “Rocket Matter more than pays for itself.”

      Sign up for a live demonstration of Rocket Matter, and see how your firm can capture more billable time like Broedlow Lewis LLP!

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