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Ipad Edition

Introducing Rocket Matter’s Legal Software, Now in iPad Form!

We created the first cloud legal software. Thousands of customers later, we’ve built the first and only legal practice management platform specifically for the iPad, enabling you to run your firm from anywhere.

Online or offline. Access your work from anywhere with our beautiful interface. Simply amazing.

From the company that created the first online legal practice management system comes a bold new platform. The Rocket Matter iPad edition pushes the envelope of what can be done on mobile.

Powerful Mobile Lawyering

Information at your fingertips. Literally. Stay on top of your matters and clients from anywhere. Our newly designed iPad dashboards show you all of your case information at a glance. Review your tasks, upcoming calendar events, bill time, log notes, and record expenses.

It simply feels great

Our iPad UI is a completely new interface, developed with the participation of our Rocket Matter partner law firms and our amazing design team. The result is a collection of beautiful screens and interactions which make keeping tabs on your work effortless. You’ll actually enjoy using your legal software!

Work online or offline

At the courthouse? Flying to a deposition? We have you covered with our iPad Edition. Enjoy the ubiquitous access of cloud software with the disconnected luxury of on-premise software. When you reconnect online, synch up with Rocket Matter and keep moving.

Run a more profitable firm

The Rocket Matter iPad Edition helps you stay on top of all of your billable activity and trust account balances. With this kind of secure, yet quick access to your bottom line, you’ll be more informed about your firm’s finances and feel in control.

The Power of the Rocket Matter Platform in iPad form

The Rocket Matter iPad Edition ships in its initial version with more functionality than Rocket Matter when it first appeared on the web. This is not merely a smartphone app that helps you with your most basic tasks: it’s a full law firm management platform in tablet form positioned to evolve as your firm does.

Make it yours

You’re a unique individual. If you’re going to be working with Rocket Matter all day long, why not make it part of you? Customize the app with your own colors, upload your picture, or choose one of our Heroic Lawyer avatars!

Start using Rocket Matter iPad Edition today.