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    Computer Slow? Try Upgrading Your Wireless Router


      My internet connection has been increasingly sluggish: screen sharing on Skype, meetings and webinars on the GoToMeeting platform, Facebook and email on my iPhone, even run-of-the-mill web browsing. After trying to catch up on a one-hour Downton Abbey episode that took much longer due to buffering, I knew it was time for a change.
      I have a 2-yr old Macbook Pro so ruled out getting a new one. The hard drive has a ton of space available since much of my activity is done in the cloud, so no clean up necessary. I tested performance with only one browser open and all other applications closed with little or no improvement. So RAM OK.
      Next, I checked my Time-Warner-cable internet connection. They offer plans that include lite, basic, standard, turbo, extreme, and ultimate. I’m right in the middle which is ideal for everyday use – online shopping and banking, watching videos online, downloading apps and more. Before forking over another $10 or $20 a month to go up a notch or two, I decided to examine one remaining possibility: the wireless router.

      My four-year old Belkin router needed an upgrade, but with so many choices, I turned to Twitter and Google Plus for recommendations. Yes, Google Plus. It paid off as I got a few responses and went with Sam “Lawyerist” Glover’s Asus Black Diamond pick.
      The stylish slab of technology took only a few minutes to set up and I noticed an immediate improvement in speed when surfing the web on my computer and checking email on my phone. Skype and GoToMeeting performance also improved. And the big test: viewing the latest episode of Downton Abbey was seamless with no buffering. Even fast-forwarding to another frame was zippy.
      Of course, even the best wireless router won’t deliver speeds beyond the modem’s capability, but if you have a decent internet subscription plan and still experience a slow internet connection, consider upgrading your router.
      The Asus Black Diamond will set you back about $150, but it’s well worth the time saved and frustration averted.
      Have more router recommendations or suggestions for speeding up a computer? Please use the comments section below to share.
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