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    Case Study: How Luke Rioux and Fairfield & Associates Use Rocket Matter as Family Law and Criminal Defense Legal Software


      Fairfield and AssociatesLuke Rioux is an associate with the law firm of Fairfield & Associates, a 9 lawyer firm focusing on criminal defense and family law with offices in Portland and Lyman, Maine.
      With more than 45 years of combined experience, attorneys at the firm pride themselves in providing skillful and compassionate service. Luke works out of the Portland office and authors Harmless Error, a blog on Criminal Law in Maine and Beyond. He also maintains a website focused on Maine Criminal Defense.

      Centralized client information

      With multiple lawyers and locations, Fairfield & Associates needed a law practice management system to consolidate and organize their client data in one place. “With multiple lawyers in two office locations around the state, who often cover each other’s cases in many different courts, we needed a way to have a unified case management system accessible to everyone, from anywhere,” Luke explained.
      Rocket Matter fit the bill for their family law and criminal defense legal software. Lawyers and staff members are able to access client information by simply opening up a browser or firing up an iPhone or iPad. “And there’s no software to install,” Luke added.

      Improved work flow resulting in greater client service

      Clients appreciate the team approach that Luke’s firm takes to solve problems and Rocket Matter helps to keep all team members – lawyers and staff in all offices – informed, resulting in great service that clients have come to expect.

      Rocket Matter allows any of our staff to access all the data about a matter and immediately give clients up-to-date information about their case on an ongoing basis or whenever they request it.

      Luke continues, “with instant and always available access to case information, support staff can address a lot of issues on their own.” And if the call needs to be patched through to an attorney, matter and user dashboards provide up-to-the-minute client, matter, and billing snapshots for a quick, productive engagement.

      Seamless integration with email, calendar, contacts, notes, and tasks

      Rocket Matter integrates with many of the applications attorneys use like Dropbox, Evernote, Chrometa, Quickbooks, and email. “We loved the complete integration of everything from calendar and email to contacts and notes,” says Luke. “Updates to contact and calendar information are entered and updated immediately. We don’t miss court dates.”
      “We have also started implementing the email integration feature.” Luke adds. “Most lawyers use gmail to get thier office mail and this allow us to easily create a label for the case and pull every email into the matter dashboard. In our firm, cases are often handed back and forth between attorneys and this feature allows any user to see emails associated with that matter, even emails sent by another attorney.”
      The firm also uses the tasks feature widely and effectively.

      With 9 attorneys and the associated support staff, tasks have become a super efficient way to delegate work to other members of the firm.

      “The tasks persist in the matter and user dashboard until they are addressed so they don’t get lost in the daily torrent of emails.” says Luke. “When the item is addressed, we can easily bill the work and check the “done” box.”
      Rocket Matter offers mobile criminal defense legal software on an iPad

      Mobile legal practice

      “I installed the iPhone app the day it was released and now all of our calendar events are consistent across all computers and mobile devices,” says Luke.
      Prior to that Luke used the mobile version of the website on his iPhone which he found to be cumbersome, though the site always worked well on the iPad. But the new native iPhone app solved that problem with the recent updates accelerating performance.
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      Custom templates with easy document assembly

      “My favorite feature is document creation,” says Luke. With Rocket Matter’s robust document assembly program, law firms can create favorite legal templates with unlimited custom fields. Using the library of unique templates, lawyers and staff can quickly merge client and matter data info frequently used forms.

      I have done about 30 templates and created a bunch of custom fields to use for them. Now, it takes only a few clicks to set up all the documents for a new case and any of our staff can do it from any location.

      Excellent support

      The Rocket Matter support team shines. “All the help you were willing to provide in transitioning from the old case management system was amazing,” says Luke. “They have always been very helpful and shockingly fast in responding to issues.”
      Luke’s multi-lawyer firm with more than one location needed all of their client information in one place with easy and quick access, anytime, anywhere. Rocket Matter’s speedy cloud-based, mobile-enabled law practice management and legal billing software provided exactly what the firm needed. [Twitter, Google+]
      Sign up for a live demonstration of Rocket Matter, and see your law firm can centralize and manage its client data like Fairfield & Associates.

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