Use Evernote and Feedly to Tame the Fire Hose of Information

by rocketmatter-admin June 16, 2014

Feedly made everyone forget how Google deserted its faithful RSS community when they killed the popular Google Reader. Subscribing to feeds of your favorite news and blog sites lets you access only the information you’re interested in, and feedly stepped up and created a beautiful reader that works great on your computer, phone, and tablet.
As you scroll through the titles of posts from your subscriptions on feedly, items that you want to read can be quickly accessed, or starred for later reading. Sharing on the social channels is a click away with Buffer, and other integrations. But what about articles you want to use for posts, presentations, and other projects? That’s also an easy click away with Evernote integration, available for feedly Pro subscribers ($5/month).
Of course, by now you’re keeping a “blog post ideas” notebook in Evernote. If you speak a lot, you probably have a “presentations” notebook, also. And, we all have meetings, so a “meetings” notebook would be useful. Now, when you discover an article in feedly related to a particular project or meeting, you can push it to that notebook in Evernote with one click.
Do you navigate primarily on mobile devices? No problem – feedly recently gave their mobile app an Evernote integration overhaul adding features like full article clipping, image and quote clipping.
The feedly-Evernote integration is especially useful for information professionals who are responsible for creating, curating, and disseminating content for the firm and for clients.
The “save to Evernote” integration has been one of the most popular features of Feedly Pro, and as Feedly notes, it’s been so popular because both Evernote and feedly share a common goal of helping people work smarter and more efficiently by organizing the knowledge and information that matters to them.
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