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    Build a Powerful Knowledge Base With Evernote for Business


      Evernote is great for note taking, storing information, and recording the chapters of your life, but it’s not so great for collaborating with friends and colleagues, or for building accessible, company-wide knowledge databases.

      That’s all changed with the new Evernote for Business which introduces two new concepts: Business Notebooks, to store company information and share information and collaborate with co-workers, and Business Libraries, a collection of business notebooks that every employee has access to, like policies, documents and forms.

      Successful businesses are built on the knowledge of every team member. Evernote Business gives your company the tools to collect, discover and share the ideas, research and know-how that create an effortlessly productive workplace.

      Here are just a few of the highlights of Evernote for Business:

      Smart Data Ownership – In Evernote Business, organizations have the right to access, use, manage and modify any Business Notebook and its contents. All Personal Notebooks and their contents remain completely private and controlled by the user who created them. Users fully retain the rights to their Personal Notebooks and Personal Notes, which cannot be accessed by the business in any way.

      Simple User & Data Management – With the Evernote Business Admin Console, Admins can invite new users and manage existing users, as well as view and manage all of the Business Notebooks created by members of their organization, all in one place.

      Companywide Business Library – Every Evernote Business account includes a Business Library, which is a collection of Business Notebooks that are available to all team members. The Business Library is the place where employees can share, discover and leverage the collected knowledge of their colleagues.

      Store Everything, Access it Everywhere – Use Evernote to capture everything important to your business in a single place, including notes, research, presentations, documents, and more. You can even save entire webpages with the Evernote Web Clipper. Evernote works on smartphones, computers, tablets and via the Web, so everything your company captures can always be accessed in the office and on the go.

      Knowledge Discovery & Continuity – Explore and discover the collective knowledge of your entire organization. Whether users browse the Business Library, use Evernote’s powerful search, or discover relevant content with our Related Notes features, Evernote Business makes any workplace effortlessly productive.

      Evernote for Business is a great option for small companies and groups looking to build a centralized knowledge base, or Wiki, if you will. Pricing is $10/user/month, with the option to easily increase or decrease the number of users at any time.

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