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by rocketmatter-admin November 19, 2013

Now that Google Reader is a distant memory and Feedly stepped in without missing a beat, it’s time to rebuild your blog subscriptions by making it easy for readers to subscribe via their Feedly account. Here are a few tips.

Add a Feedly Follow button to your blog

If someone likes what they read on your blog, they can add your feed manually to their Feedly account and never miss a post. Or they can install a browser extension. But why not make it super easy for visitors to subscribe by putting a Feedly Follow button on your site?

Go to the Feedly Factory page, choose one of over a dozen buttons, enter your blog feed URL (usually your blog URL followed by /feed), copy the code that Feedly generates and paste it into your site’s HTML. If you have a WordPress site, it’s easy: drag a “text” widget to the sidebar and enter the code snippet.

Track your Feedly Followers

For whatever reason, Feedly doesn’t make it easy to track how many people follow your blog, and judging from the number of queries on forums and on Feedly’s site, it’s a feature that people want.

Here’s a workaround. Click on Add Content in your Feedly reader and enter your blog’s URL to find the number of readers you have. Note that these are Feedly subscribers only. Email or other RSS reader subscribers will not be reflected here.
Now that you’ve set up Feedly Follow buttons on your blog, check out this video for 9 ways to personalize your Feedly reader.

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