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    3 Free Twitter Tools to Tune Out the Noise


      With over 200 million active users, Twitter is a force — a place to meet people, grow relationships and get breaking news. But with millions of daily tweets, it can get very noisy very quickly. Here are three tools to clean up and un-clutter your stream for a more meaningful and productive Twitter experience.


      Want to find out who’s not following you back? Enter your Twitter handle and get a grid of profile pics which you can sort by username, location, last tweet, and more. Hover over each pic to get a profile snapshot.

      For more functionality, such as the option to unfollow or follow multiple accounts at once or export your results to a CSV file, check out the paid version. This is the only tool of the three that doesn’t require you to connect to your Twitter account.

      Note that it’s generally a good practice to have a core group of accounts that you follow who will probably never follow back but who provide consistently relevant, useful tweets.


      Connect to your Twitter account, wait a minute, and you’ll be presented with a list of accounts that are not following you back. The list can be sorted by fake followers, no profile image, Inactive, talkative (extreme twitters), and more.

      The inactive list is especially useful. You can further sort the list by activity (last tweet) and other criteria. No tweets in 30 days is considered inactive. I generally leave those alone as someone could get busy for a month or decided to take a break. Accounts that are inactive for more than 6 months warrant an unfollow.

      There’s also a ‘follow’ feature that presents a lists of accounts that you are not following back, further filtered by popular and verified accounts, and the opportunity to follow the followers of another account. You’ll need to update to a pro account to use this feature which also comes with analytics and other tools.


      Do you want to know if your Twitter followers are real or fake? from the folks at SocialBakers checks for fake or empty followers. Among the criteria the tool uses are spam phrases like ‘diet’ or  ‘make money’, tweets that are repeated more than three times, and profiles that have a following/followers ratio of 7:1 or more.

      You can upgrade to a pro account to get information on the most engaging content and key influencers among the accounts that you follow.

      Some folks follow everyone that follow them and use Twitter clients like TweetDeck and HooteSuite to filter users and tweets. That’s certainly a quicker way to build followers as those you’re following are more likely to stay with you when they decide to purge, but I prefer to follow only those that I feel bring value. There’s no right or wrong way, it’s a personal choice. If you choose the latter, these tools will help to keep your Twitter stream clutter-free and useful.

      Finally, remember to update your Twitter settings and revoke access to all applications that you no longer need.

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