Are You Getting Bad Advice When it Comes to Legal Technology?

by rocketmatter-admin June 12, 2019

Are You Getting Bad Advice When it Comes to Legal Technology? You Getting Bad Advice About Legal Software?
Not so fun fact: 88% of software implementations either fail outright, run over budget, or are significantly delayed. So if you thought that rolling out a new software platform at your firm is daunting, you’re right.
The dangers to your project lurk both inside and out. Software vendors and consultants can have interests that run counter to your own. You might have staff who are comfortable and feel threatened by a change in technology. It’s for these reasons that we decided to publish our new eBook, How Managing Partners Get Bad Advice When Buying Legal Software.
At Rocket Matter, we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t when it comes to implementing new software. It’s one of the side benefits of working with thousands of law firms over the past twelve years. You get a bird’s eye view of law firms that succeed and law firms that don’t.
One of the most common sources of failure, and the ones that are the biggest wastes of time and money, occur when software is purchased and implemented only to see it sabotaged by internal staff. We cover this in our eBook, but coincidentally, this same topic was covered by The Wall Street Journal this week in their article “Do You Resist New Tech at the Office?”
And whom did The Wall Street Journal interview? A lawyer, Paul Cannon, from Houston.
As Cannon said, “One thing I learned from all this is that a lot of people are afraid of change, because they’re afraid of making a mistake. They know how to do their jobs under the old system. Even if it’s cumbersome and inefficient, it’s comfortable. And comfort equals security.”
According to article, resistance to technology from internal staff can originate from deep psychological concerns. It says, “Still, struggling with complex new technology can spark fears of looking incompetent or losing status among peers, posing a threat to the user’s sense of identity, according to a study published in March in the Journal of Management Information Systems.”
To learn how to maximize your chance for success when rolling out software and how to combat the threats you might encounter along the way, please take a look at our eBook How Managing Partners Get Bad Advice When Buying Legal Software
How Managing Partners Get Bad Advice When Choosing Legal Software

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