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    Google Brings Message Encryption (Back) to Google Apps Mail


      In our past articles about message encryption options for Gmail and Google Apps, we’ve lamented the unavailability of a built-in option for most users.

      Google mail messages are encrypted internally, so messages sent between Gmail or Google Apps users are secure, but messages sent to non-Google users (e.g., those using Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo Mail) are not encrypted – without the addition of a third-party add-on like those discussed in our earlier post.

      In 2007, Google acquired the Postini email security and archiving service and continued to provide a version of Postini’s message encryption to existing Postini customers who were also Google Apps customers. The rest of Google’s Apps customers were promised an encryption product during the ensuing “transition period.”

      Google and its partner Zixcorp have finally announced that Google Apps Message Encryption (GAME) is now available to all Google Apps customers to provide, “secure email to Google Apps users when communicating outside Google’s secure cloud to all other email users.” “GAME allows encryption of email to every possible recipient, giving Google Apps customers the confidence that they are protecting the sensitive information of their customers and partners,” Zixcorp noted in its press release announcing the product.

      It has been reported that GAME will cost Google Apps users between $35 and $69 per user/year. Unlike most other add-ons to Google Apps, GAME is not directly available from the Apps Marketplace and must be purchased from a Google sales representative (866-588-1074).

      Note: The “Google Apps Message Encryption Admin” add-on available in the Marketplace is only the administrative tool to manage GAME once you have purchased it for your domain. It is not the actual encryption service.

      Carole Levitt, Esq. President and founder of Internet for Lawyers (a CLE seminar company), has over thirty years of combined experience in the legal field as a California attorney, Internet trainer, Law Librarian and Legal Research and Writing Professor. Ms. Levitt has served on the ABA’s Law Practice Management Section’s Publishing Board since 2004 and served on the Section’s Executive Council from 2007—2011.

      Mark Rosch Vice-President, Internet for Lawyers, is the developer and manager of Internet for Lawyers’ (IFL) website, Facebook Company page, and online education services. He also is the editor of IFL’s newsletter, The Internet Legal Research Update. Mr. Rosch serves on the ABA’s Law Practice Management Section’s TECHSHOW Planning Board.

      Together, these internationally recognized authors and Continuing Legal Education speakers have given hundreds of CLE seminars and have written six books published by The American Bar Association, including “Google Gmail and Calendar in One Hour for Lawyers” (2013).

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