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    How Lawyers Can Use Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to Get a Job [Book]


      Amanda C. Ellis’ The 6Ps of the BIG 3 for Job-Seeking JDs is an excellent primer on how to use the popular social networking sites, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter effectively. It teaches lawyers and law students how to leverage the big three social networks to get hired

      So we know the Big 3 social media sites. What exactly are the 6Ps?

      1. Professionalism
      2. Profile
      3. Privacy
      4. Performance
      5. Practice
      6. Protocol

      These six elements are examined in detail with each occupying an entire chapter. Significant attention is given to the fourth element, “Performance”, identified as the core of the 6P system.

      It is your performance, not your presence, on social networking sites that will get you hired.

      The book outlines over 60 ways to use the Big 3 sites to get hired and offers up many more tips and guides, useful to both beginner and the more seasoned user.

      Practical tips and helpful illustrations include:
      – How frequently to update your status on the different platforms
      – Advice (a personal favorite) on syncing updates across networks (don’t!)
      – Chart of privacy recommendations
      – Who to connect with and how to do so

      The appendices are chock full of useful information:
      – Twitter legal job boards
      – Law firm Facebook career pages
      – Sample plans and schedules

      A companion website offers updates, blog posts, success stories and much more and provides an opportunity to engage the author. Amanda also hosts #LawJobChat on Twitter covering a range of lawyer employment topics including, I Wish I’d Known That: Career Advice for New Law School Graduates, Hot Practice Area: Healthcare Fraud & Compliance, and Tapping Alumni Networks in Your Job Search.

      The 6Ps of the BIG 3 for Job-Seeking JDs covers in great detail, how to use social media to get a job in the legal profession, but the advice and guides can be used to find employment in other professions as well.

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