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    Why is it Important to Take a Vacation?


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      Why is it Important to Take a Vacation?
      Why is it important to take a vacation?
      Look, taking a vacation is important. You are not a hero for working long hours. In fact, people would probably prefer you to take that vacation that you’re not taking or that you’re delaying.
      A recent study came out analyzing 13,000 middle-aged men and their vacation habits and the ones that didn’t take a week off for five consecutive years had a 30 percent increase in having a heart attack. You don’t want to be in that group of people.
      If you’re starting to see that your work is not very effective, if you’re starting to see that you’re more irritable than normal or that you’re losing interest in what you’re doing, it may be time to recharge the batteries. Take a week off.
      When you take a week off, take a week off without the Blackberry (if you still have one of those things), without the iPhone, without your Android device. Disconnect. Don’t be online. Really, just sever the ties and take your brain and get it out of the hectic life that we’re living in these days and the on slot of digital information, like this.
      In fact, more and more technology companies are advocating that their employees disconnect. These, of all people, should be the ones that are addicted to the technology, but they’re saying enough is enough.
      In France, apparently, there is a law being passed that you can’t check a work email after 6:00 p.m. That seems a little bit extreme, but you get the idea.
      You need to be able to rest and recharge your batteries. So make sure you take a vacation, you leave the phone behind, you leave the work behind, you let people know you’re going, and you come back and you’ll be refreshed.
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